Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taking Stock of What I Have

I've got Island Girl parked in a local storage lot.  I can work on her here and I share a very small shop space at the same place.  I'd love to be inside, but that's just not possible.  The upside is that I'll certainly know where the leaks are.

My intention is to try to mostly keep the original appearance of the trailer.  I think I can do this, as the outside skin is in excellent condition and the original birch cabinetry can likely be reused.  I like the inside layout and don't have much in mind for changes.  The trailer has no 12 volt system, 110 volt refrigerator and hot water heater, and no holding tanks.  Systems, therefore, will be starting from scratch.

I hope I can keep the stove and part of the refrigerator.  Really want to figure a way to keep the cool door from the Marvel refrigerator and try to put a newer propane/electric unit behind it.  Gotta be a way!

So, the plan is to take it apart and put it back together.  I know there is rot in the plywood subfloor, so I know the whole floor has to be replaced.  This means everything inside has to come out first.  Since I want the cabinets to go back in later, they will have to come out with some care.  I'll also want to replace some broken window glass and renew window gaskets pretty early on.  I'd like a dry trailer by the time I get the new plywood floor installed.

My frame is a question mark at this point.  I'd like to keep the belly pan on until the old floor is out, allowing me to clean out whatever is down there from the top.  I won't know what kind of repairs the frame will need until the old floor is gone and I'll have to make plans for my holding tanks at that point too.  And, a new axle.

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