Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Pullout Pantry

Pam and Brissy the Cat and I are four and a half months into fulltiming in Island Girl now.  I hadn’t really planned on the trailer being able to operate in the cold, but we’ve been doing ok.  Everything works the way I wanted  and I haven’t found anything that needs to be changed.

Work is mostly done with the last fairly big project being the pullout pantry in the old broom closet.


I used a heavy bottom slider and a guide for the top from Rockler.  The sides are just simple one inch aluminum  stock from the hardware store.


The top guide mounts to a simple shelf over the top of the pantry unit.


The original door got reused.


I now have lots and lots of storage and the broom found a home in the wardrobe closet.


  1. Steve,
    That looks great. Sure like the way you’ve refigured parts of your Airstream. We’ve been thinking of something like this in our ’55 where we once had an accordion door. The pocket left in the wall after the door was removed would be a good place for this application. Thanks for showing us the way.

    All the best to the three of you, Spike & Sue

  2. It speaks volumes that you can say "everything works the way I wanted". I knew from the beginning that you had thought Island Girl's makeover out well.

    Nice to see a pull-out pantry in action. I'm looking forward to one myself one day.


  3. How do you like your Newport furnace? I was planning on installing one in my airstream, but would love to get your opinion of it first!

  4. Thanks Spike and Sue and Dacia.

    AT, I like the heater a lot. Install is easy, it's pretty efficient, and the fireplace effect is nice on a cold wet day. Only downside to me is that you can't keep your holding tanks warm with the ducting that a regular furnace has, but it doesn't use a bunch of 12 volt amps like the furnace does if you're not plugged in.


  5. Hi Steve,
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I have so enjoyed watching the progress of your Caravanner online. I emailed you the pictures of your trailer before the restoration. My wife would not let me purchase the trailer no matter what I tried to do to convince her! She has apologized profusely and we both know now that you and Pam needed the Caravanner more than we did. I have enjoyed getting to know you and Pam through your blog. It is very clear how much you loved Pam. She was a special lady and I think you are an amazing man. May God Bless you in this difficult time.