Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A New Beginning with Another Ride on a Ferry

Last Thursday I said a bunch of goodbyes—didn’t lose it until the last one late in the day.  Pam and I had moved onto our sailboat nearly 24 years ago in Blaine and there are a lot of friends there.

Friday, Brissy and I hooked up Island Girl and made the short trip to Deception Pass State Park.  Haven’t camped there since sometime in the early 80’s when I did it by bicycle and it is still just as stunning.


The bridges were in part a Civilian Conservation Corps work project during the Depression.


Of course it was windy and rainy just as soon as we found our campsite, but that was OK.


On Sunday while waiting for the Port Townsend ferry one of the crewmembers  asked about the trailer.  That worked out well as we were first on the ferry with Bris looking out to make sure nobody got too close.


We were headed for a little county campground just south of Port Townsend called Oak Bay where I’ll be the host for the season.

In our spot

The flamingos have landed and the anchor is down, so we’re all set. 


The campground was also a CCC project during the Depression. There are also a few campsites on the spit in the background.  Lots of birds,  a view of Mt. Ranier on a clear day and a pretty fantastic place for my kayak.

I’ll be here all season but should be able to get away to the Olympics a few times.  Feel good about it and think it should help me as I continue through the grieving process and start to put my life back together again.  Things are OK.   Hopefully we’ll see a few Airstreams in here this summer.



  1. Steve, I hope you have a great summer out there, we spent a week in Squim just down the beach from you a couple years ago. What a great area, can't wait to get back there with Nellie, wish it was this summer. It would be great to here about all of your adventures! Hopefully your days continue to get better, I'm sure it will take time. If you venture inland a little farther (Wisconsin) there is always a parking place open!

  2. Thanks Doug. Sure do want to get back to your part of the country sometime so hopefully we can hook up.

    Exciting times for you now with Nellie really coming together. She looks great!!


  3. Its a fine anchorage & I reckon that's good holding ground, so you'll have a great summer there.
    Enjoy it


  4. All I can say is GODSPEED Steve.

  5. Thanks Frank. Much appreciated.


  6. The Quinault rainforest is one of my favorite places that I have ever visited... hope you get a chance to check out the beautiful Olympic National Forest!

    1. Yeah, really look forward to exploring this part of the state. I've spent so little time over here before.