Monday, June 22, 2009

Spinning my wheels

I've been waiting for my new axle to arrive from Axis.  Shipped about a week ago, so I should see it soon.  Really been in a bit of a holding pattern while I'm waiting and have just been doing a few little jobs on Island Girl.

In preparation for the trip down the road to the welder, I redid all the lights with LED's and all new wiring, and made a new removable umbilical cord for the hookup.  I'd previously installed new marker lights from Vintage Trailer Supply, but a post by Reggiemon at prompted me to upgrade them to LED as well.  Thanks for the push, Reg.

I've also been stripping and polishing the rear interior endcap.  It's coming, not there yet, but it's coming.  Per Marcus' advice, I think I'll use new aluminum for the other bits inside that I'm planning to have polished.  I think leaving that endcap in place to strip and polish was the right thing to do, but it's still hard working over your head, making for slow progress.

I know I shouldn't do this and I really have been resisting. . . . .but I couldn't stop myself today.  Pam was happy sitting in the car watching me work, so I put a little polish time into the door withing a door.  Came up pretty easily but it'll need some more effort.  I promise to resist doing more of the outside for now.


  1. Come on Steve, give into the temptation. Polish just a little more. The lights look great. I've been thinking about upgrading my VTS side markers to the LEDs myself. Did you buck rivet the marker plates?

  2. I will resist, Norm. If I do the exterior now, by the time I get the interior done, I'll need to do a full exterior again. I will resist.

    Nah, those are poorly done Olympics. Need to either refine my Dremel skills or get a shaver.