Thursday, October 22, 2009

Likely the Last Outside Work Until Spring

Our weather has been a tease this week. It rains, clears up for awhile, and then rains again.

I pulled off the fiberglass forward endcap so I could buck rivets for the Wally plaque and do the antenna install. Don't know of any other 50's trailers that have the endcap in fiberglass instead of thirteen aluminum panels, but there must be others. It's so big and unwieldy that it'll likely go back up just as soon as I get the Prodex insulation installed. Planning to cover the fiberglass with a 13 panel redo in Baltic birch later on.

You can see the big roll of Prodex insulation in the endcap picture, that's next up.


Decided to patch the lower antenna mount hole and put the Wally plaque over it, moving the antenna slightly higher. Looks the best to me this way.



  1. Steve, the weather really has been a tease the last couple weeks. Ryan and I are hoping to pull the shell off my trailer next week, so I'm hoping for some sun breaks Thursday or Friday. You are lucky you only have one fiberglass end cap. Mine are fiberglass front and back. I wonder what made Airstream decide to use fiberglass instead of aluminum on any given trailer. Ryan's are aluminum front and back.

  2. I guess the good news is they're not the plastic ones that show up later on! Mine is solid and the layup is done pretty well.

    Good luck with the weather next week. You've got a lot of expertise working with you there!