Friday, October 30, 2009

I Really Like This Stuff

Prodex Insulation.

I'm mostly doing what has already been documented on Airforums by Malconium, Uwe, Carlos and others. Rich the Viking got me thinking about 2 layers and that's the way I'm going to go. Using 1/2" deep strips of foam insulation between the shell and the first layer of Prodex, glued on with foamboard adhesive. The next layer of Prodex will sit on another 1/2" deep strip of foam insulation and that will just about fill the 1 1/2" cavity inside the ribs. The wiring will go between the two layers of insulation.

Like many have done, my Prodex came from  and I ordered the tape for the seams and edges from them as well. Hopefully, one roll of insulation gets it done.

It's so easy to work with this stuff. Cuts with scissors, simple to fit. I had one day with the sun out (must have been weeks ago ) and there was an amazing difference between the bare shell and the insulated sections--hot and cool. It's been wet and fairly cold the last few days and I can see the heater warming the trailer up quicker as I get more of it insulated.


  1. Great job - looks warm just looking at the pictures. About to do the same on my Flying Cloud (with a UK equivalent of Prodex). Nice to keep most things the same but when it comes to insulation, I think things have moved on from Wally's day. Keep it up.


  2. Thanks, Chris. I agree, it's just a better way than Wally did it. I was really surprised how good the old fiberglass insulation looked when I pulled it out--still clean and dry.

    Definitely nice being able to work inside in shirtsleeves while it's pretty cold and wet outside.


  3. I've talked to Uwe and Rich the Viking, and I fully agree that this insulation is the way to go. The fact that mice don't like it like fiberglass sells it alone for me. On top of its insulation properties it just looks great and right. I now have this installation in my plans.