Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The First Few Panels Go In

The last few days I’ve been cutting panels and applying finish to them.  Using Waterlox for the finish, three coats on the back and four on the front surface.  First couple of coats really soak into the birch.


I had care for Pam today and had the first five panels all finished, so it was a good day to start putting them up.  Decided on a three inch spacing for the Olympic rivets, figuring using the spacing for the bucked rivets would just make way too many holes and going farther apart might let gaps pop up.  First is the all important Cleco shot, but it really shows the color better than the rest.  I like it, it’s light, but close to the original.  I want it pretty light in color after lots of years living with dark teak and small portholes  in the boat.


Happy with the way the rivets stand out making a nice contrast with the wood.  The rivet shaver was busy.


Ended the day with 5 panels riveted in place and the next two up for a trial fitting with clecos.  The next batch still needs to be cut out and finished, so it’ll be next week before they go up, finishing the end cap.


It is so much more fun doing this kind of work than ripping up old floors or scraping frame rust.  I know all the work I’ve done so far is really important for the trailer, but I sure like doing the pretty stuff.

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  1. Looks great Steve, can't wait to see the rest of it go in!