Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Front Endcap Goes Back In

I needed a respite care day to get the forward fiberglass endcap back in.  It’s a big floppy piece that I can just barely handle myself, but knew I couldn’t do it with Pam in the trailer.  Today was the day, and it was really the first real work day in two months since the broken ankle.

I put in another layer of the Prodex insulation, but didn’t use the foam offsets to create a dead air space like I’ve done in the rest of the trailer.  The fit of the endcap was tight already and I didn’t want to try to fill so much behind it that I couldn’t get it back in.  All the wiring is now roughed in and ending at that forward end.  I’ve probably forgotten to add wiring for something really important that I can’t think of now, but today I did remember to add a run of coax and Cat 5 cable for TV and the computer.

One of my favorite current resto threads at Airforums.com is by Air19, 1953 Flying Cloud Project - Cabinetry Finally.  He’s been using lightweight Elfa storage bins for his drawers.  I’m copying his great idea in a few areas, the first of which will be these two bins for the cabinet between the recliners.


The plan for the old endcap is to use it to mount a 13 panel replacement made from 1/8” Baltic birch.  I’ve made templates from my rear endcap and really look forward to building it.

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  1. It seems to be coming along nicely-hyou must feel a certain sense of pride, knowing you've done this youself.