Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Island Girl Has a Ceiling Raising Party

When I had the three big interior panels polished, I brought them inside the trailer and started to rivet them together.  Buck riveted as far as I could reach by myself and clecoed the rest.  Charlene was here for six hours today to watch Pam and I recruited some of my friends from the marina to help get what would be one large panel flipped over, lifted, and installed.  My buddy Jim, who has bucked way more rivets at Boeing than I ever could on this trailer, shot the rest of the rivets while I bucked.


Just as we finished, John, Tom, and Karen arrived and, with the help of a couple of 2x4 T’s and some clamps, we were ready to flip the panel and lift it into position for clecos.



We pushed and pulled for an hour or so and then clecos started lining up with holes at the back end.  Pretty soon the panel was pop riveted back up.  Big big difference in the way the trailer looks on the inside and it’s really satisfying to start getting some projects done.


Nice to have a great bunch of friends too.  Really good day.

Meanwhile, back here on the boat, Pamela has decided to be compulsive about where my mouse sits on the mouse pad (for some reason, she has decided that it must always be in the middle).  Windows sends me back to the desktop every time Pam touches the mouse, so I’ll admit defeat and wrap this post up.


  1. Wow! Big step! Congrats on getting the skins in! (I can't imagine the amount of stripper you had to use to get all of that Zolatone off... not to mention the elbow grease!)

    It looks great!

  2. Beautiful, what a huge step. Congratulations!


  3. Thanks guys!

    Marcus, I was remembering the pics of you and your buddies putting up your overhead when we did this.