Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to Stripping

Marcus advised me to try Aircraft Stripper, the nastiest stuff available, for stripping off the old Zolatone. I was too stubborn to follow good advice until I had used up all the other stuff I had. Finally got to that point today and got a gallon of the good stuff. Sort of goes pop when the cap is unscrewed and it has plenty of dire warnings written on the can. You are warned against using Aircraft Stripper on airplanes. No warnings concerning Airstreams.


It smells awful and you don't want to get it on your skin, but it does seem to get much more off on the first pass. It'll still take about three applications to get rid of the Zolatone. I'm now doing the lower interior skins that won't be replaced by Baltic Birch. The end of stripping is in sight.


Up front, I'm fitting the lower panels in birch. Once they're in, I can start on the cabinet that will house the batteries and the rest of the electrics.


Meanwhile, Pam, who loves to "talk" to that girl she sees in the mirror, found a really huge girl to talk to inside the trailer.




  1. Wow Steve, I'd comment on the hard work you are doing, but that picture of Pam really steals the entire show.

  2. Thanks, Norm. Saw her do it, but didn't have the camera out. Usually don't get two chances on those deals.


  3. A little late now, but... flat sheets like that can be done by a stripper shop for dirt cheap. They did em in and spray them off. Very fast and very inexpensive.

  4. That good advice was given to me by none other than Frank. I believe his exact words were something like, "Go to the auto paint store. Not the retail shop, the place where the auto body guys go to get THEIR stuff. Tell them you want the absolute nastiest stuff you can find, if the EPA thoroughly disapproves of it, then you know you have the right stuff."

    Or, something like that. ;)

    Nice work, and that image captured of Pam really is priceless. You're a great man.