Monday, October 11, 2010

The Recliner Cabinet

is mostly done except for the hinges for the top compartment and the laminate tops over the electrical system area.PA040576

The circuit breaker panels for the 110 volt system and the 12 volt system are on opposite sides under the radio.  Front panel is the solar regulator, and it also has the battery voltage readout.


Brissy the boat cat is just starting to get used to the trailer.  She’s not at all happy with car and truck noises outside, though.



Both of the Elfa bins are accessible behind the one panel opening.  The pull is off the original gaucho and matches the other drawers.



Still waiting for hinges to arrive for the top compartment, but they’ll be here shortly.


I spent most of the day today cutting, fitting, sanding, and fitting on the forward bulkhead for the fridge/wardrobe cabinet.  It’s close, but not quite there.


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