Monday, October 25, 2010

The Key to My Trailer

Pam is no longer able to climb into the V berth in the bow that has always been her bed.  I’ve been lifting her up there for several weeks, but finally decided to move her into the main saloon where access is much easier.  Alzheimers doesn’t like changes and boat cats don’t like changes, so let’s just say that last night was not the most restful on our little boat.

Cold, windy, and rainy this morning, but I had respite care for Pam and 6 hours alone to work on the trailer.  I got the 12 volt fan hooked up on the heater and connected the gas line.  And, the work mostly stopped.


It was nice and warm with the fire burning in the heater.  I sat back in one of the recliners with my copy of David Winick’s  Airstreams Custom Interiors and most of my day slipped away.


Guilt made me get a little work done, some sanding and some stripping on the cabinets.  I emptied out the stuff in the drawers in the galley cabinet too and scored a great find.


When I bought Island Girl, the keys could not be found, so I installed a deadbolt and have been using that to lock the door.  But in one of those drawers was this little key that fits the Bargman lock perfectly.



  1. What a great find. Sure is nice to have the original key.

  2. Thanks, Norm.

    Saw it in the bottom of the drawer and thought, "just maybe." Tried it in the lock and it went right in, but wouldn't turn. Wiggled it while sliding the inside lock pin and it started working. Probably hasn't been used in decades.