Monday, April 11, 2011

Progress That Shows

Most of the time I feel like I work and work on Island Girl and nothing really shows. Lately, though, things are beginning to come together and often a little work yields big results.

The chrome plater finally got my pieces done and the scare light and the Bargmann H20-2 I doubt have ever looked quite this good. Nice to be able to get rid of the vice grip door handle I've been using for the last two months.



P4110778 had a really good deal on a full size mattress and it is now cut to fit and in place. I wasn't ready for it, but the deal was too good to skip. When it arrived, the package firmly said it had to be opened to expand within 3 days, so it's in, ready or not.


On the big job front, my buddy Jim, who usually mans the rivet gun, is sewing curtains. I'm a wiz at hand sewing, but hopeless with a machine, so his help is really appreciated. It's a bark cloth fabric that I was afraid was going to be too bold for my taste, but I'm really happy with the way it looks.




There's a sink and a faucet visible in the pics too, holding tanks now have fittings, and I'm collecting the last of the crimp fittings for the PEX.


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  1. Wow, what great bling for Island Girl. The chrome work turned out great. And the bark cloth is perfect. Love it. You really are turning out a work of art there.