Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Still Don’t Like Plumbing

but this PEX stuff is really nice.

I’m using the brass fittings with the copper crimp rings and it all goes together really quick.  My system is very simple with only a galley faucet and and shower and toilet.  It’s being made outside in modular sections, one for the bath and one for the galley.


The plumbing for the shower and toilet sits inside a still to be finished cabinet between the bed and the bath with the feed coming from under the bed.  Almost everything was done outside except for the last two elbows connecting the feed lines.  The crimper needs quite a bit of room.


So the only crimps that had to be done inside are the two at the top left in the above picture.


Then everything slides into place inside the cabinet.


Outside, the fills for the two fresh water tanks, the city water hookup, and the fresh tank vent are all mounted in place.  They’ll just need Vulkem and final fastening to finish.  These four fittings are all marine style.

58 degrees is forecasted for Saturday, so we might head for the car wash tomorrow to get ready for some outside polish work.  It’s way past time for my summer uniform of shorts and flip flops.



  1. Looks terrific. Thanks for posting the information about the West Marine vent fitting on AIRFORUMS.

  2. I do like the look of the exterior fills. Very clean.

  3. Thanks Mike. Hope that stuff can work for you.

    Dacia, glad your mud and flood is getting better.


  4. Steve, one more question for you. What size hole did you need to drill for the vent fitting? The West Marine website doesn't have any dimensions.

  5. I think it was 3/4", Mike. I used hole saws, and did the outside first, letting it just make the pilot hole on the inside. Then I used a 1" on the inside to give room for the hose and to access the locking nut.

    On the fills I put nutplates behind the skin and didn't have to make the inside cutout bigger. Still plenty sticking through on the inside to attach the hoses.

  6. Steve, isn't this cold weather getting old? I'm working on the drain plumbing under the trailer this week and got chased inside by the wind tonight. Feels like we are living in Minnesota.

  7. I was complaining about it to someone today, Norm, and he reminded me that it is 10 degrees warmer than a few weeks ago.

    But the darn rain. . . . I need to drop my gray tank to attach the fittings and I might drown if I'm underneath too long!

    Summer is coming. It is.


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