Monday, June 27, 2011

Island Girl Ceases Being My Shop

Since my subfloor has epoxy and a layer of fiberglass cloth on it, I've not needed to be careful with it and the trailer and its subfoor have been my shop for a couple of years. That ended today and I will now have to be careful.  Last week I made a stupid epoxy spill on the subfloor but it was easy to clean.  Tomorrow I shall move the epoxy out of the trailer.

Pam has bunches of bears, but mostly Pandas.




Those pandas dictated the choice of bamboo for the floor.   It was fitted around the cabinets as opposed to under mainly so I could replace it later if bad things happen to it.


It went in easily in a couple of work days, even with all the fitting. Still have the moulding yet to go, but that should be pretty simple. Shouldn't have been in hindsight, but I was surprised by the amount of waste. I'd gotten three boxes and figured I'd barely use more than two, but there are only 5 or 6 full pieces left and a lot of cutoffs thrown away.


I'm afraid to walk on it now, but I'm hoping that feeling goes away.



  1. Oh my, that is breathtaking! Steve, you've done amazing work. Just caught up on the last few posts and I'm in awe. Island Girl is beautiful and totally functional. You have so much to be proud of.

    Love the ice cream story. Now, that you can actually carry some with you, that makes it all the better.


  2. Thanks, Dacia!

    I've been a slacker lately with my posts, but we're fulltiming in the trailer now and it's been a chaotic couple of weeks. Proper post to follow soon?