Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Painting the Frame with POR 15

Today was one of the days that I get a few hours away from Alzheimers when Charlene comes and watches Pam for 6 hours. That made today the day to paint the frame with POR 15.

I've been spending the last several days getting the frame ready for the paint. Some grinding, quite a bit of wire brushing, cleaning with Marine Clean and etching with Metal Ready got me to yesterday when I got it masked off. My trailer shell has been supported lately by the steel plate riveted in front and several strips of 3/4" ply placed under the C channel and on top of the outriggers, held by C clamps. Those strips really needed to come out for the paint, but the shell still needed some support.

Decided to try supporting it with a couple of 2x4's with a short piece of 2x4 on top in a T and cut to follow the radius of the inside top of the shell. I lifted the shell using the 2x4's and a couple of floor jacks. Just raised the shell enough to unload the 3/4" plywood strips. Don't want to leave it very long this way, but it gave me access to all the outriggers for paint today and the strips can go back in tomorrow.

Like many have said, POR 15 is just amazing stuff. Flows really well, sets up fast. I got two coats on all of the frame, including the bumper and the tongue. Did one coat in grey and one in black so I could see where I'd been. Ran out of time for the Sterling Silver, so it'll get done tomorrow. Seems like most guys have been less happy with it and the way it goes on, so I'll see tomorrow.

I'm actually thinking about putting the subfloor back in now--that's exciting stuff.

Sorry for the poor pics, the photographer was tired.


  1. Steve, you are really moving along. I look forward to seeing this trailer some day. Are those components in that second photo above your gray and/or black tank mounting brackets?

  2. Yeah they are, Norm. Should have ID'd them. The gray uses the angle up at the tank's flange and the straps wrap under the tank. There are two fresh tanks and they're held by the straps alone.

    How's the leg?