Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Subfloor goes in slowly but surely

One more piece of the subfloor to go in.  Wheel wells are back in as well.  It takes me two days for each piece of floor:  one to cut out, epoxy the lower side, and do the fiberglass layup over the edge, and then day two to get it into the trailer with doublers as needed and some of the fasteners in.

I've been using 3/4" ply doublers where I have seams that don't meet at structure. They are all epoxy coated and the mating surfaces have cotton flox mixed in the epoxy to get a better bond.

Using self tapping screws where I've replaced crossmembers with 2x4 tubing, but I'm tapping those holes first. Elevator bolts are being used when I'm attaching to crossmembers.

Even though I haven't yet fastened any of the C channel to the subfloor, the trailer is much stiffer than it was before.  That vertical 2x4 on the floor jack has helped a lot on getting the new plywood in.  It lifts up the rear of the shell easily and makes the floor sections pop in with no problem at all.

Two more days and I'll have my subfloor in and there's still no rain in the forecast.

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