Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm pretty sure my trailer lacks a truly great history like Scott's around the world trailer, but still, I've wondered what it did, how it got those huge piles of dirt in the bellypan, maybe just where it has been. There was some information with Island Girl when I got her: I knew the name of the original owner, an address or two, but not much more. I even found a copy of Wally's "Fifth Avenue on Wheels".  Google told me the orginal owner was buried on Lopez Island, one island over from where I got her. So, I figured that was about the end of it.

In my internet searching, I did find one address of a person with the same last name on Lopez. I wrote that person a letter a few weeks ago, asking if there might be a connection to my trailer. Expected to hear nothing back. Today in the mail there was a typewritten reply to my letter. He was buried, but she is still alive and 92 years old. She wrote that she'd get some information on the trailer together and get back to me. How cool is that?

Insulation work continues. Tomorrow I'll get the front end cap area done and that'll put me at around three quarters of the first layer done. Second layer will wait until the wiring is done.

Can't wait to hear again from Island Girl's first owner.


  1. Hang on to that "Fifth Avenue on Wheels". The last copy I say go on eBay for nearly $400.

    So cool to have found your Girl's first owner. It's a thrill to make contact with the past!

  2. Hi Dacia,

    "Fifth Avenue on Wheels" was even a freebie back then. There was a tear out card in the owners manual to send in for their free copy of the book.

    Hope we can get out to Lopez on the ferry soon and meet our first owner. Sure look forward to that.