Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making Fantastic Vents Fantasticer

While searching airforums for threads about Fantastic Vent installs I came across this one by jbond, Herb, about using the original Hehr vent covers on a Fantastic Vent.  Hehr Covers on Fantastic Vent  Herb was also nice enough to post an article he had written about the mod as well.  Thanks Herb.

My vent covers were (and are) pretty battered, but they polished up pretty well and look, I think, a lot better than the gray plastic cover that comes with the Fantastic Vent.  Nothing really changes except the gray plastic is sandwiched by the inner and outer parts of the old Hehr Vents.

Rain has really hit us hard and it'll likely be months before I can actually mount the Fantastic Vents, but at least they're ready to go when I can.






  1. very cool. that is very cleaver. I would never to have thought about doing that.

  2. Steve, that is very cool. You and Herb have found a great way to integrate the style of the old vents with the modern mechanicals. I've spent a bunch of hours trying to salvage my old vents and this post has got me re-thinking things.

  3. Thanks, Frank and Norm.

    Never would have thought of it either, without seeing that old forum post.

    I need to borrow El Grande for a few hours, Norm, so I can get the vents installed. I am getting sick of wind and rain, and I know it's just started.


  4. Yeah, the weather these last couple weeks has been pretty ridiculous. There really is nothing like a 20 x 30 tent in your back yard to keep you awake at night during a windstorm. I'll be happy when we can take El Grande down.

  5. Steve, I'm SO glad you posted this. I was looking Herb's info but couldn't remember where I'd seen it. It's great to see the real product of this modification. Your work is awesome!