Saturday, May 8, 2010

One Polished, One Not

Worked mostly on the overhead cabinets today.  Mine are in two sections mounted next to each other.  I’ve stripped both, but today I spent some polish time on the front one for a big difference in appearance.


I wanted a transition between the warm wood in front and the cool polished aluminum in the back.  The original cabinets that will return to the curbside do it fine on that side.  On the streetside, though, I don’t like the polished look on the end of that overhead.  Made a test fit with a piece of birch on the end and think it will look better that way.  I’ve definitely settled on birch for the sliding doors, too.


I replaced the navigation lights on the boat this week.  There has been a plan for the old ones.  I have a strong emotional bond with our boat.  She’s been our home for 22 years and she always took care of us during our trip around the world.  There’s no way to use her now with Pam and I know, like last year, we won’t leave the dock at all.  I’ll not even bend the sails back on this year.  We’re nearing the end with the boat.


The old bronze nav lights will be refitted with LED’s and will be accent lights for the 13 panel front endcap.  No polish, either, as they’re going to stay just like they are, showing the wear from all the winds and waves they’ve faced.  I’ll be able to look up at them and remember the boat and that’ll make me happy. 




  1. Steve:
    The overhead cabinets look great. I love the aluminum next to the birch, so the doors will look really good finished off. Birch or Cherry just looks great to me against the aluminum.

  2. Really like the touch of the old nav lights. Those kind of things are special.