Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Friend Dusty

is the guy I always ask for ideas.  I really like the idea part of the process, too, but many times he sees things I don’t.

Our boat has heart designs cut into cabinet sliders to use instead of hardware for moving them.   Figured I’d do something like that for the sliding birch doors in the overhead cabinets.  Looked OK, but just wasn’t right.  Dusty looked at them, got a piece of paper and a pencil, and drew what looked at first glance like a loaf of bread.  But, the little light in my head came on and I added a tongue and a wheel to his loaf of bread.


I really like them.



Next big project up is the belly pan.  I went to Seattle this week and picked up several sheets of .025 and one of .032 5052 aluminum and they’re waiting now in the back of the truck until the rain stops.



  1. Steve, you've got the coolest little touches in your Airstream. Love the cut-outs!

  2. The dollar is in the detail and that detail is M O N E Y !!!!!! Very nice touch Dusty is a smart cookie.

  3. Thanks Dacia and Frank.

    Dusty's a pretty good friend too. Probably looks out for my welfare, in terms of being an Alzheimer's caregiver, as much as anyone I know. Good friends are good to have.


  4. Steve:

    The overheads and cut-outs look great! Very nice.


  5. Hehe! Fun cut outs!
    I'm wishing you lots of luck and patience on your belly pan!


  6. Hey Steve, I really like the cut-outs-gives it a whole new character. It's good you have this project to help keep some sanity flowing in your life!

  7. Thanks Tim, Lynnetta, and Lyn!

    Yup, I've been watching you guys on your belly pan, Lynetta. Thankfully for me it hasn't stopped raining here so it may be next year before I get to it. :)

    It'll take more than an old trailer to restore sanity in this family, Lyn. I think discussing the oil volcano with my cat is normal.