Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Forward Cabinet Takes Shape

The two recliners came with a center console, but it’s too wide and very heavy.  It does have a nice leather center armrest and that will be resized to fit the smaller cabinet I’m making.

The back half of the “T” shaped box houses the batteries, converter, and circuit breaker panels.  Might even be some storage room left over if I’m lucky.  In the back of the trailer the original bed has a great curve of birch made into it and I want to tie that into the front cabinet.  I’ve started with curves cut into 3/4” ply and notched to fit the 1x2” framing, fastened with epoxy and cloth (thanks, Marcus).


I got the rest of the framing put together today using a pocket screw jig.  Really like the pocket screws:  strong, and really quick.


Air19 has a great thread at airforums showing his cabinet work on a ‘53 Flying Cloud.  He is really skilled and I am not, but he makes use of Elfa bins for his storage and I’m using them in this cabinet as well.


I’ve just got it clamped and wired in place to check the fit for now.  The Elfa bins just slide on grooves cut into the 1x2’s.  It’ll all be covered in Baltic birch and a laminate yet to be decided upon.



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