Monday, September 6, 2010

Plated Brass Barrel Bolts?

I’ve been looking at these ugly things for a year and a half.  Can’t believe Airstream used brass plated steel barrel bolts to latch the inner door.


Still need to finish off some rivets—the inside of the door has many, but just about finished with the door.  Inside is stripped and polished, but lots of etching.  I might have to consider replacing the top inside door panel, but we’ll see how much more the compounder can do.


The rusty barrel bolts have been replaced with stainless.  I also added and inside door handle to use as a pull to save wear and tear on the old Bargman lock.


Pam is hanging out with her two bears in the reflection.  She’s just about over a bout with the flu that’s made us boat bound and miserable for the last few days.  Good to get back to the trailer for a couple hours yesterday.


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