Saturday, September 25, 2010


I’ve got a pretty good set of basic tools, but when it comes to making cabinets I really come up short.  My buddy Dusty (he of the Airstream cutouts for the overhead sliders) looked at what I was doing and loaned me a router, a laminate trimmer, a biscuit joiner, a brad gun, and a staple gun.  All these in addition to his table saw, chop saw, and belt sanders I’d already been using.  It’s really a luxury having access to the right tools.


The front curved portion is, like most of the cabinet, 1/8” Baltic birch and is bent around the plywood formers and attached with thickened epoxy.  It was done in one uncut piece and I used duct tape to mark the edges and to keep the epoxy from sticking beyond those points.


Then I just used a razor knife to cut out the opening for the two Elfa bins.  I used the round welt from VTS for the edges.


The bottom bin will attach to the front face, giving access to both bins.


The sides are now on and I’ve got the hardwood pieces cut for the armrest opening and the mount for the little radio.


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