Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Have to do Plumbing Pretty Soon

I know I can do it—the system is pretty simple, but I just don’t like plumbing.  But, cabinets are going back in and I know it’ll be much easier to make plumbing runs while those cabinets can still be moved.


So this marks the official beginning of plumbing, still probably to be delayed as much as I can.  The streetside rear corner was originally the outlet for the power cord, but all that stuff is in front now.  I’m using the hole to plumb a cleanout sprayer for the blackwater tank.  The inlet is a Perko marine city water hookup and chrome plated bronze, very nice quality.  I’ll use another one later for the trailer’s city water hookup.

The black tank will sit on top of the subfloor in the rear curbside location of the bath.  I’ll be fabricating the tank using epoxy and fiberglass cloth with stitch and glue techniques.  I’ll start on the tank soon.


Meanwhile refinishing is ongoing with the original bed frame and its nice curved corner the current work in progress.


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