Sunday, November 21, 2010

It is Cold in Western Washington





And it’s supposed to get colder before it gets warmer.  I kept my epoxy on the boat last night to keep it warm and it took quite awhile for the trailer to warm up this morning.  Got some epoxy and fiberglass work done though.




I’ve got a day for the trailer again tomorrow so hopefully I can get a little more done.  Tuesday looks very cold so trailer work is probably out.



  1. Hey Steve,
    Things are looking good. I like the idea of your black tank. I would like to consider that for my own. Plumbing is not very high on my favorite things to do either. Not sure what you have for cost in that but it looks like they want a couple hundred to buy one, I like making anything I can. It is 20 degrees here right now and snowing also. A little harder to make progress in this weather. I appreciate the ideas and the updates. The fireplace looks great also, where did you get it? and cost?
    Hope you and your wife have a happy Thanksgiving

  2. Hi Doug,

    Thanks. Good to see you moving along with yours too.

    Snowing here again this morning, but supposed to finally warm back up to our normal 40's with rain later.

    Heater is a Dickinson Marine Newport. Got it from (|406|1066337|324057&id=548713).

    All the best to you and yours today for Thanksgiving as well.


  3. Its cold in Eastern Washington... No heat in my garage this year, new heater is on my wish list but alas not in my garage yet. Very interested to watch your construction of the tank.