Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Continuing with the Black Tank

Cold weather has been slowing progress down quite a bit.  Most days I have Pam with me, so we do the ten minute drive to the trailer to turn the heat on and then do something else for an hour or so to let it heat up.  I like to get her off the boat for awhile most days, but she is now in a wheelchair mostly and everything takes much more time.

After glassing the inside, I turned the tank over, filled the holes used in wiring it together, and rounded the edges with a belt sander.  Today I glassed the outside with 3 plies of cloth overall and a couple more where the drain fitting will go.



When the third layer was wetted out, I put a two inch strip of dacron peel ply on the edge.  Peel ply saves a lot of work.  It’ll pull off when cured, leaving a nice surface that won’t need sanding to prepare for the layup to fasten the top of the tank.


Tomorrow I’ll trim the edges and maybe get started on the top and the drain fitting.


I ordered a few laminate samples for the galley counter top and everyone who has seen them has picked this one.  I think I have too.  Water heater and toilet have now arrived as well.


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