Monday, February 14, 2011

The Wardrobe Makeover


The original wardrobe was a huge hanging locker.  I really like the Elfa Bins that I used in the cabinet between the recliners and the plan has been to use them in part of the wardrobe as well.  The bins are on sale in January, so I waited until last month to get 4 more of the platinum mesh drawers.  The last couple of days I’ve been dividing the wardrobe and making the hangers for the bins.



Lots of finish work still to go on them before they’re done, but I think they’ll work well with lots of storage that can be used in several different ways.



  1. Very nice! I'll keep this in mind. With 5 of us in our trailer I'm sure we're going to need all of the extra space we can get!

  2. Now that is awesome! The single clothes bar leaves so much wasted space. What you've done is perfect.

  3. Thanks Brian/Lynetta and Dacia!

    It really has made a big difference in the amount of storage and it's organization in the closet.