Monday, May 30, 2011

Ice Cream

I like it.  I like it too much.  In the 23 years we’ve lived on our boat, though, we’ve never been able to keep ice cream onboard.  We have a good refrigerator, but it does not have a freezer.  During the years we were away from the U.S. cruising, ice cream was what we craved after a long and usually hot passage.  As soon as we anchored in a new port, we’d head ashore with our passports, boat papers, and two spoons.  Once the paperwork was done, we’d find a store, buy a two liter container of ice cream and usually eat it right on the steps of the store.

Ice cream is now one of the few foods that Pam can eat pretty well, so we often go to the grocery store on the way to the trailer and pick up a pint for her to eat.  I help.  I do.

Yesterday I got two half gallon containers of ice cream (coffee and vanilla bean) and put them in Island Girl’s fridge.  Today I was only there for a short time and did little work, just installed a cabinet door.  But, the ice cream is frozen solid in the freezer, so it’ll be ready for Pam tomorrow when we get over there.  How cool is that?  Ice cream in our own freezer!  I’m a happy boy.


  1. The little pleasures in life are truly the best. We're happy along with you.

    Spike & Sue