Thursday, May 26, 2011

Island Girl’s Systems are Go

Not much actual work today, but a big step forward. Yesterday I moved the trailer near a faucet and filled our fresh tanks. Today, the water pump and water heater got their electrical hookups done. Note to self: always make sure that you've hooked up the wires to the circuit breaker panel before you wonder why the pump doesn't work.


No leaks at all in the PEX. There's a drip at the water heater drain that needs attention and one at the strainer basket in the sink. Easy fixes. I will never like plumbing, but the PEX with the copper crimps and brass fittings works really well.

So we've now got heat, a cold fridge, hot and cold water, and a stove all functional.


Little by little, polishing continues.  Rain has about made it impossible for the last few days, but I’m planning to do it just a little at a time anyway.  Compounder and F7 Nuvite is all I’ve used so far.



  1. All I can say is, we're jealous. Wish we were that far along. Great job.

    Spike & Sue

  2. Congratulations Steve! The polishing is really looking good.