Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just a couple of little jobs today

My recent progress with polishing the rear endcap made me revisit whether or not I wanted to strip my existing overhead panel or replace it with new. One of my buddies in the marina suggested I ask myself if I had more money or more time. Therefore I started stripping one of those panels today. They're mostly behind cabinets anyway and I'll still replace the center overhead panel since I'm getting rid of the center hatch and will have a different light layout. Seems like a million bucked rivets on each side of that center panel, but I'm sure it's really only a thousand.

I had respite care watching Pam today and treated myself to having lunch in my trailer sitting at my refinished table. That's the only woodwork I've redone so far, but I just love the table: so simple and light, but pretty big and sturdy too.

Put on a new piece of threaded rod, taller, for my propane tanks. One of them needs polish. Heater gets here in a few days, but it'll just be a temporary install to keep the trailer warm for work this winter.


  1. Why would you remove a roof vent? I find that the roof vent is very important to keeping the trailer cool even on not so hot days. Just being the devil's advocate, and not meaning to piss on your plans, but I would rethink that move. I would even suggest putting a Fantastic Fan in the hole. A Fantastic Fan can actually make the need for AC go away. Frank. (sorry, just my two cents)

  2. I like your two cents, Frank, don't stop.

    I'm planning Fantastic Fans in the front and rear vents, but I'd like that long span in the middle to give me room for solar panels. Hoping to keep the panels as close to the top mid line as I can, so they're not any more visible than they have to be.

    I've still got to put a tape measure on everything, but I'll likely move the panels I have now on the boat over to the trailer and they are roughly 13 x 53 or so (4 of them).