Saturday, September 26, 2009


I've been drilling out a bunch of rivets taking the upper inside panels off, but yesterday I practiced and today I got to use my rivet gun and put in some actual aluminum bucked rivets.  The plan was to borrow a compressor, but the available one had no gauge and no way to regulate it, so I needed another plan.  One of the other tenants in the storage yard came by to look at my progress, we started talking about compressors, and he told me to check out the pawn shop by the airport.  Really good advice it was and I've got what looks like a brand new Porter Cable 150 psi unit for $75.

Yesterday I set up my practice piece and went to work.  Really want to thank all the rivet experts, particularly Aerowood, over at for all the knowledge I've been able to pick up on riveting from their threads and posts.  I removed the center Hehr vent, the powered one, grabbed a marina friend to buck for me, and riveted on a patch over the hole.  I took out the vent (sorry, Frank) so I've got a clear span for solar panels that hopefully go on tomorrow.  Planning to put Fantastic Fans in those remaining vents, fore and aft.

I received my Dickinson Propane Heater and have begun the temporary mount in the permanent location by the door.  I wanted to get heat in the trailer so I can continue to work inside this winter.  Pam will be able to sit inside in front of a cozy little fireplace.

Camera battery died after the one picture, so I'll get more up tomorrow.

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