Sunday, September 27, 2009

Solar and Heat

Today might just be our last day with mid 60's temperatures for this year.  We never know in the Pacific Northwest.  I needed one more good day to get some solar mounted on the trailer and got that done today.  With the center roof vent gone I've got room for two 50 watt panels and two 60 watt panels.  I took two of those off the boat last night and now they're on the Airstream.  Mostly on the recommendation of John, FLYNCLD, who has them on his '62 Flying Cloud, I got the mounts and tilt bars from AM Solar.  They mount with a special 3M tape that needs at least 60 degrees to use, thus the need to do it before cold weather comes.


I also got the patch clecoed on for the stack for the Dickinson Heater, the hole cut for the stack, and it temporarily screwed on.  Nobody to be found on a Sunday to help me rivet, so maybe I'll get that done tomorrow and get the heater itself mounted.




  1. Looks great! I really enjoyed buck riveting and I bet you did too. Looking forward to seeing your entire solar setup when finished, that's something I'd like to do someday on mine as well.


  2. Thanks, Marcus.

    I really believe in solar--we've done it for so long on the boat. All comes down to watts, got to have plenty.

    It is really fun pulling that trigger on the rivet gun.